Permian Basin Resources LLC (PBR) is a Midland based exploration and production company, formed by a couple of industry veterans that helped guide the successes of Mariner Energy, Inc. in the Permian Basin from 2003 to 2010. Mariner Energy Inc. merged with Apache Corporation in November 2010. Post merger, the PBR principals left Apache to form this company with the intent of reproducing, on a smaller scale, some of the successes that Mariner Permian enjoyed during their tenure.

Mariner Energy Inc. was one of the most successful Permian Basin Spraberry / Wolfberry operators from 2003 to 2010, drilling 800+ wells, increasing its leasehold inventory from 12,000 net acres to over 177,000 net acres and its well count from 97 wells to over 1100 wells, almost exclusively through the drillbit. Through that same period, Mariner's net production increased from .5 MMBOE to 3.4 MMBOE annually and proved reserves from 10MMBOE to 98 MMBOE. Mariner opened up the East side of the Midland Basin to Wolfberry development, establishing a base of Wolfberry leasehold that will provide continued development opportunities for years to come.

PBR wants to build on the success of Mariner Permian by following the template Mariner laid down as a consistent generator of quality ideas, an aggressive acquirer of leases and a low cost operator with innovative drilling and completion procedures. PBR is seeking knowledgeable, qualified financial partners to participate in some of its projects. Please contact us to discuss these opportunities further if you have an interest.